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A holistic esthetician is a skincare professional who focuses on a natural and holistic approach to beauty and skincare. Holistic estheticians believe that beauty and wellness are interconnected and aim to treat the skin from a holistic perspective, considering the body, mind, and spirit as a whole. Unlike traditional estheticians who may focus on treating skin conditions with chemical-based treatments, a holistic esthetician will often use organic or natural products and treatments that work with the body's natural processes to promote healthy, glowing skin. They may also incorporate other natural therapies, such as aromatherapy and meditation into their treatments to promote overall health and wellness. A holistic esthetician will typically take a more personalized approach to skincare, working with each client to understand their unique needs and goals. They may also focus on preventive measures, such as recommending lifestyle changes and at-home skincare routines to help clients maintain healthy skin. If you're interested in a holistic approach to skincare, a holistic esthetician may be a great choice for you. They can provide personalized, natural treatments that work with your body to promote healthy, beautiful skin.

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We get it that sometimes things come up and you may need to cancel. If you are unable to make the appointment, please kindly notify Peaceful Moon Wellness at 9094523031 or as soon as possible to reschedule.